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2014-02-14 00:01:50

Consumer Proposal Victoria - Is this an Option for You

If you are looking for an alternative to Personal Bankruptcy in Victoria, a consumer proposal may be an option for you to manage your debts.  Once you have concluded that you would like to do something to finally get a handle of your personal debts, you may have started to hear about a great alternative to filing for personal bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy is something that may work for you to solve your debts, but if you are fortunate enough that you have a level of income that you can pay something towards your debts every month, but just simply cannot get ahead of the interest that is being charged, and really don't want to declare personal bankruptcy, then a consumer proposal may be the right option for you to consider.

A Consumer Proposal is different than a bankruptcy in that you can offer an amount  to your creditors that you can afford to pay each month and you can make it as flexible as it needs to be.  This is especially convenient if you have variable income like someone who is in sales or seasonal work.  A consumer proposal once accepted by your creditors, can be tailored to meet your expected income levels and seasonality.  You can take up to five years to make the proposal payments and there is NO INTEREST charged once your have entered into a proposal with your creditors.

A Consumer Proposal can also be made in such a way that you can keep your assets (such as your house and car) as long as you can afford the payments under the restructuring plan.  The flexibility of the plan is up to your needs.  Once you have entered into a restructuring plan with a Trustee in Bankruptcy who is the only person licensed in Canada to oversee a consumer proposal, your creditors must stop calling you and any other collection action against your like having your wages garnished.  Many people just like you feel the weight of worrying about debts being lifted from their shoulders as soon as they take the first step by talking to a Trustee in Bankruptcy to consider the debt option.

So, what are the best reasons to consider a Consumer Proposal?

- Affordable payments

- Flexible arrangement Plans

- Interest Free

- Credit Collection Stops

- Free Consultation to consider your options - Call Today!